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Dynargh dhe Gernewek Ünyes Akenys Kevós
This is the website of the Modern Accented Unified Cornish orthography.
* MAU Cornish: Modern Accented Unified Cornish makes the correct pronunciation of Unified Cornish immediately accessible to the reader, by using the 42 letters (including double-letters), strictly pronounced as follows: a=ah, á=are, b=bee, ca=car, ce=sea, ch=chee, d=dee; dh=thee, e=eh, é=ay, è=air, eu=ioo, ey=aye, f=ef; g=ghee, gh=hhee, h=aitch, i=ee, j=jay, k=kay, l=el; m=em, n=en, o=or, ó=oh, ow=oo, òw=aow, p=pea; q=queue, r=arr, s=es, t=tee, th=eth, u=uh, ú=woo; ù=urr, ü=iuh, v=vee, w=we, x=eks, y=ih, z=zed. As a learning aid, these 42 letters can be sung to the tune of 'twinkle twinkle little star'. The only difference between MAUC and traditionally accented unified Cornish, are: 1) acute accents are used to represent long vowels instead of the horizontal macron, 2) the stressed monosyllabic e (pronounced 'air') is marked with the grave accent 'è', 3) 'ow' (pronounced 'oh' same as long 'o') is marked with the acute accent ó, 4) stressed 'ow' (pronounced 'aow') is marked with a grave accent 'òw', 5) ü (pronounced 'urr') is marked with a grave accent 'ù', and 6) the long y and dieresis y are replaced with the i. These changes make inputting instantly unequivocal phonetic UC on smart devices easy and convenient.
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